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Saturday 9th March

Doors 7pm | Event 7:30-9pm

Tickets £5

Venue: Park Road Baptist, NN10 0LH

Event Details

Free Parents Area

Parents & guardians are welcome to come into the venue. There will be a designated parents area in the cafe where you will be able to relax and wait until the gig is over to take your child home should you wish to stay on the site.

Parking / Congestion

We can't wait to see you for the Illuminate show! We would ask you to avoid dropping off / collecting young people to and from the venue by car as the narrow road will be heavily congested. 

Please drop off and collect them from:- Duck Street Car Park, NN10 9ZA, (the 2nd car park on the right). Alternatively; Rectory Road car park, NN10 0DJ At the Car Parks they will be met by marshals who will direct them to the concert.

Mobility Issues

Those with mobility or ability issues should be taken directly to the venue and dropped off at the front of the building on Park Road. A signed wheelchair access is available. Stewards will be on hand to assist.


As part of the Illuminate Week in Rushden, we are committed to your child's safety. ​The Illuminate Tour in Rushden is in conjunction with Park Road Baptist Church. ​ We ensure that our end of week gigs are as safe as possible. The highest level of care is taken before, during and after the event. As well as our trained team, there will be professional security, local youth workers and teachers will be present at the gig, to ensure your child's safety. Our gigs are drug and alcohol free. ​ It is important to know that we cannot take responsibility for your child's wellbeing when they are not in the venue, so please ensure you know where they are during these times. Doors open at 7:00pm and the gig ends at 9:00pm. Any time before or after this we cannot be responsible for your child.


What is Illuminate?

The Illuminate Tour is a nationwide schools tour, partnering with the local schools and churches, focusing on raising aspirations in young people and inspiring them by faith to live their lives on purpose.


As a part of this nationwide tour, Illuminate artists are visiting schools to take lessons and assemblies, followed by an end of week gig at a local venue.

There will be an inspirational Christian message on the night of the gig.

Photos/ Video

At the event, there will be professional photographers/ videographers to capture the gig. This footage/ photos will be used online and may be used in the future for advertisement.

Due to the nature of the event, by attending, you agree to be filmed/ photographed.

Is this connected to my child's school?

Throughout the week of the 4th- 8th March we will be in schools all across Rushden and adjacent towns. Partnering with your child's local school & with Churches in Rushden to make it happen.


We'd love to hear from you if you have any other questions or queries about the week or the gig.

Please note that if a gig is sold out, we won't be able to add any additional tickets even if you get in contact.

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Mental Health Resource

Have you been impacted by lessons this week on the Illuminate tour? Do you feel like you need more support/ more help.

Head over to our dedicated mental health resource impossible and see if we can help.

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