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How do I play the content?

You can either stream or download the sessions. You can stream it instantly via YouTube, or predownload the session to play through your computer.

Why won't the content play?

There are a few things that you could try. You may need to use another device to play the content. You could also try a different network if the internet speed isn't good enough.  If you are streaming, try reducing the quality to 720p, 480p or 360p.

It's taking a long time to download!

The sessions are around 45-60 minutes long, so the files are pretty big! You may need to start it downloading at the start of the day and leave it to download.

Do I need to do anything during the sessions?

We have built the sessions so that you as the teacher can either use this as a stand alone session, with no added work for you, or you could use it to start a conversation on a certain topic and base your following lessons on this.

Are the sessions in line with curriculum?

Similar to our usual face to face sessions, all of our lessons are based on up to date curriculum points and should be in line with the current RSE curriculum.

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